Lughnasadh Celebrations 2020

Nine Druids gathered to celebrate Lughnasadh among the trees in Haslemere on Sunday 2nd August. We were quite pleased it wasn't too hot, but one of our number still managed to get a bit sunburned! We were thrilled to be joined by this little one, who we think is a toad of some sort:

Small toad sitting among the leaf litter

A few of us stayed behind to have a walk through the woods and a couple of our photos are below.

"Now is the time that we honour the marriage of the Sun God Lugh, and of the Grain Mother, whose fertile land produced the harvest through a union between the sun and the earth. Lugh, now recognised as the spirit of the harvest in John Barleycorn is cut down and gathered, transformed into bread and then returned to the land in a cycle of sacrifice and regeneration."

- Beautiful words from our ritual, written by one of our Grove

Welcome to Rowan & Thorn

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The Fascinating Science of How Trees Communicate

Trees and the organisms that work alongside them are beautiful and fascinating.

We urge you to visit to watch a short animation on how trees communicate with each other. It's a lovely animation and it's really interesting, so very much worth a watch.